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Ethical, Artisanal & Piping Hot: Baristas to Bring Craft Coffee to Middlebury


For Aless and Matt Delia-Lôbo, making coffee has never been about the money.

“Working in coffee pays terrible because it’s minimum wage, but you’re also a craftsperson,” said Matt. “What I’m hoping to do with the cup of coffee we’re going to be serving is to help push the craft itself.”

The couple, who are planning on opening Royal Oak Coffee at 30 Seymour St. in Middlebury around May 1, hope to fill a void left by Cursive Coffee, a specialty coffee shop that closed its doors after nine short months of operation.

“Cursive Coffee was two guys: one person would work each day, and they would alternate,” explained Matt. “We would visit them as much as we could, and we saw the hole that their departure left — people saying, ‘oh, good coffee is gone.’”

In a time when coffee is one of the world’s leading commodities, Matt and Aless hope to brew a cup that tastes good, is ethical and draws the community together.

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