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The Lit List: Michelle Johnson’s Favorite Moments From SCA 2019


Only 90s kids will remember the popularity that surrounded POGS and slammers back in the day, and thanks to Jen Apodaca, they made a HUGE comeback for SCA Boston. George HowellUmeshiso, and Boss Barista POGS were being traded like Pokemon cards on the EXPO floor, and I couldn’t figure out if we were in 1995 or 2019. If there was a winner for having the most coffee POGS, Alicia Adams absolutely takes the cake (pictured). I didn’t grow up with POGS and quite frankly, didn’t know what they were until this weekend. But after collecting a few of my own, I realize they’re a lovely reminder of the fun, not-so-serious side of the coffee world. I expect this to become a new tradition for SCA.

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