Excellent Printing Can Set You Apart In the Crowded Coffee Industry

Flair Flexible Packaging has released its latest featured article ‘Excellent Printing Can Set You Apart In the Crowded Coffee Industry’.

While Flair produces a range of cost-effective stand-up to flat bottom pouches and M-seal bags to keep your coffee fresh and safe, printing quality is key for your brand identity.  Flair’s rotogravure printing process is notable for its vibrant colors, its exceptional print quality as well as its accuracy and consistency. These elements are crucial since your branding goes beyond a logo.

Cheryl Miller, VP of Operations at Flair said, “The packaging you choose is only part of the picture. It’s the visual role your packaging plays – the colors, the branding, and the overall impression it creates – that will make your coffee stand out from all the others on a shelf.”

Please read the full article here and visit Flair’s site.


About Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation

Flair is a fully integrated supplier of flexible film materials, technology, and design solutions for the food and non-food industries. Flair prides itself on the ability to offer custom and stock bags, pouches, and rollstock films that fit the individual product needs of our customers. Flair provides custom packaging design and printing, in addition to an extensive selection of commonly used packaging items for quick ordering and delivery. A leader in the world of specialty food packaging, Flair’s engineering team has created a range of packaging materials designed to meet unique product, process, and shelf life demands for customers across many industries.

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