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Pacific Coffee Roasting Company Celebrates 30 years


Congratulations to Dena and Tom Hope, celebrating 30 years as founder/proprietors of Pacific Coffee Roasting Company. Tucked into a central corner of the Aptos Center complex—same one that includes the wonderful home decor mecca Outside-In—the sunny, inviting coffeehouse is loaded with comforting ambience and gleaming onsite coffee roasting equipment. I sipped an impeccably made double macchiato while soaking up the unpretentious charm of this local hangout. Patrons were reading, writing on laptops, getting together for morning coffee, and enjoying something from the irresistible pastry display. Everything roasted here is also on sale here, and the back wall of Pacific Coffee Roasting Company is lined with bins containing dozens of varieties of beans, ready to be bagged up, or fresh ground for take-away.

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