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Apothic Wines Gets Creative With Its New Coffee Blend


I’ve often used the terms coffee and mocha to describe the taste of red wines, feeling perfectly sure that coffee was not an actual ingredient.

But a lot of things are happening today I never thought would happen, and with this column I present to you the new Apothic Brew. It’s the first commercial experiment to blend coffee – in this case, cold-brew coffee – with red grape wine.

Apothic is a name that a lot of readers tell me they trust. The best-selling member of the label’s family is the Apothic Red, a blend of zinfandel, merlot, syrah and cabernet sauvignon from California vineyards. It is rich and smooth – if a little sweet – and has become very popular since the Gallo juggernaut introduced it in 2010. It’s also often discounted to $8 or so.

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