World’s Greatest Coffee Experiences Named in Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour

Worldwide, people drink around two billion cups of coffee a day, and it’s only growing in popularity. The SCAA reports that in 1993, there were just 2,850 speciality coffee shops in the whole of the USA – 20 years later, that number was 30,000.

For coffee enthusiasts and travelers alike, Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour (Lonely Planet Food / $19.99 / May 15, 2018) showcases 150 memorable coffee experiences to have in 37 countries around the world – from traditional ceremonies in Ethiopia to the kissatens of Japan.

Researched and compiled by Lonely Planet’s network of coffee-obsessed travel experts, Global Coffee Tour shows readers how to find each recommendation and which coffees to sample as well as suggesting other local highlights – from museums and galleries, to hikes, shops and markets – so you can make a day or weekend of your visit.

For each country in the book, Global Coffee Tour will tell you how to ask for a coffee in the local language, their signature coffee style, what food to order with your coffee and cultural do’s and don’ts when ordering. The definitive guide also features a primer on understanding the coffee bean, different brewing methods, how to roast your own beans at home and some fun recipes for caffeinated cocktails.

Whether your preferred brew is a single origin ristretto, skinny latte or large Americano, allow Global Coffee Tour to help you discover coffee at its very best, direct from the source.

Top Coffee Cities by Continent:

– Africa & the Middle East: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Cape Town, South Africa | Asmara, Eritrea
– The Americas: Portland, USA | San Francisco, USA | Seattle, USA | Mexico City, Mexico | Santa Bárbara de Heredia, Costa Rica | Vancouver, Canada
– Asia: Tokyo, Japan | Chiang Mai, Thailand | Ipoh, Malaysia
– Europe: London, UK | Istanbul, Turkey | Turin, Italy | Oslo, Norway | Vienna, Austria
– Oceania: Wellington, New Zealand | Melbourne, Australia | Auckland, New Zealand

Global Coffee Tour

By Lonely Planet

May 15, 2018 | $19.99 | 1st Edition

6.8” by 8.5” | 272 pages | Full-Color

Hardback | ISBN-13: 978-1787013599

About Lonely Planet Food:

Lonely Planet Food – an imprint of the world’s leading travel authority, Lonely Planet – was established in 2016 to enable travelers (both on and off the road) to discover the most local, authentic and delicious foodie hotspots around the world. Lonely Planet believes food and drink are an intrinsic part of travel, so now we’re sharing our foodie knowledge with titles that serve up unforgettable, mouth-watering food and drink experiences across the globe. Explore the culture behind local cuisines, where to find them and how to enjoy them. Find out more here, and join us on Instagram @lonelyplanetfood.

World’s Greatest Coffee Experiences Named in Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour
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