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NuZee, Inc. (d/b/a/ Coffee Blenders®) Establishes Korea Subsidiary

NuZee, Inc. (OTCQB: NUZE) (d/b/a/ Coffee Blenders®), a good-for-you company focused on building beverage brands that offer functional and nutritional benefits, today announced that it has established a new, wholly-owned subsidiary called NuZee KOREA LTD. that will manage sales, marketing and associated activities for the Coffee Blenders line of Drip Cup functional coffees throughout Asia   NuZee KOREA will be led by Sung-Man Kim, a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has served as CEO of Mystery Golf for 13 years

NuZee KOREA has commenced construction of a new 3,600-square foot manufacturing facility in Paju City, Korea.   The facility will manufacture NuZee’s line of single-serve, pour-over functional Drip Cup coffee.   It will also provide the infrastructure necessary to allow NuZee KOREA to engage in co-packing activities for Asia coffee brands, once any such agreements are finalized.  The facility should be completed in June 2018.

“We have been selling Coffee Blenders products in South Korea since 2015, and we are excited to establish this local presence under the leadership of Mr. Kim,” said Masa Higashida, NuZee’s Chief Executive Officer.  “NuZee KOREA will be our first manufacturing facility outside of the United States, and joins our Japan subsidiary, which we established in December of 2013 led by Katsuyoshi Eguchi, a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has served as CEO of Eguchi Holdings for 20 years  Together, these operations will allow us to better serve existing customers in China, Japan, and Korea, while providing the necessary resources to pursue new clients throughout Asia.”

Mr. Higashida noted that the Drip Cup is a common and popular brewing method in Asia.  The market in Japan alone is estimated to be approximately 2.3 billion cups per year.

“This new facility will complement the recently completed expansion of our production facility in Vista, California, and support the continuing evolution of our business model towards co-packing agreements with global beverage and retail companies,” said Travis Gorney, President and COO of NuZee.

“I am excited and honored to join NuZee at this important time in its corporate development, and look forward to managing our growth in the Asia market,” said Sung-Man Kim.

About NuZee and Coffee Blenders

NuZee, Inc. (d/b/a Coffee Blenders®) is the pioneer in functional coffee, offering gourmet specialty grade coffee in convenient single serve cups using only natural ingredients with clinically supported nutraceuticals.   Coffee Blenders also manufactures and sells in the United States its Drip Cup line of single serve, pour-over functional coffees, including Lean Cup® (for weight loss), Think Cup® (for cognitive performance), Relax Cup® (for stress reduction), Active Cup® (for a pre-workout boost of energy), Nude Cup® (100% Arabica coffee with no function), and Matcha Cup tea, ready-to-drink (RTD) gourmet, functional, cold brew coffee, and a Whole Bean coffee line.  For more information on Coffee Blenders, please visit:

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