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How To Become A World Barista Champion Takes Place In Saudi Arabia

A series of coffee related events were hosted in the Kingdom recently, in the presence of the World Barista Champion Dale Harris and the winner of the 2nd place at the MENA Cezve/ Ibriki Championship 2016 Sara Al Ali.

“It is my first time in Saudi Arabia and even the Middle East. This is a whole new experience for me and I am so excited. I have visited a few coffee shops in Jeddah and they are amazing,” said the Barista champion from United Kingdom and the current Barista champion of the world Harris.

The event is meant to bring together coffee lovers and enthusiasts who would like to learn more about the world of coffee and its latest trends in a friendly welcoming environment at Jeddah’s Alert Specialty Coffee. However, it not only took place in Jeddah but also in Khobar and Riyadh.

The event included presentations given by Harris and Ali wherein they shared their experience in the coffee making industry and answered audience questions that are related to coffee.

Alert Specialty Coffee in Jeddah was pleased to host the event and it also offered the experience of coffee cupping to all the audience wherein they try different flavors and tastes of coffee.

“I never thought that I will be a barista one day but it all started when I thought of opening my own business in the coffee field. So before doing so I had to learn more about coffee and thus, I became so interested in making coffee and that’s what led me to who I am today,” said the first female professional Barista in Saudi Arabia Ali.

Saudi’s premier Food Service Equipment supplier Raqtan, its online retail channel, and one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of espresso machines, Simonelli Group, hosted and organized the “How to Be a World Barista Champion” event.

It was held at Alert Specialty Coffe in Jeddah, Café Liwan in Khobar, and Kiva Han coffee shop in Riyadh from the April 30 till May 2.


Rawan Abudawood




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