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Tests Reveal Inferior Coffee Bean Con

COFFEE lovers are being conned by suppliers fraudulently mixing inferior beans into products labelled 100 per cent Arabica, scientists have learned.

The discovery came to light as a result of British researchers trying out a new and more accurate method of testing coffee quality.

As part of the study, members of the team and collaborators around the world bought samples of coffee on sale at shops and supermarkets.

They found that a tenth of high-quality products labelled “100% Arabica” contained significant levels of inferior and cheaper “Robusta” beans.

Arabica coffee trades at twice the price of Robusta because of its superior taste.

Finding Robusta in a sample labelled Arabica is not easy. The standard technique detects the fingerprint chemical 16-OMC, only found in Robusta coffee. However, this is costly and takes three days, making large-scale surveillance impractical.

CREDIT: By John von Radowitz, Press Association Science Correspondent





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