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Specialty Coffee Is Taking Paris By Storm


In a city often considered the epicentre of culinary excellence, it is surprising that the specialty coffee business only took off a few years ago in Paris. Surely, coffee has been around in France, but it wasn’t the sweet kind that is appreciated slowly in a lovely coffeeshop. Traditionally, French coffee is acidic, bitter even. “A bit like Italian coffee, but then poorly done,” said Joachim Morceau, Head Barista at Terres de Café. “Today, our coffee is more similar to the anglo-saxon style of coffee, but then with less milk.”

What took so long for specialty coffee to catch on in Paris?

“The change to specialty coffee was pretty hard to make in people’s minds,” said Marie-Viva Lenoir, Business Development Manager for publishing house Editions Jean Lenoir, in an interview with Living it, at the 2018 French coffee championships in Paris.

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