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Cup of Excellence International Jury Awards 90+ to 4 Lots from 4 Different México States

– On Friday, May 18th the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) concluded its 6th edition of the Cup of Excellence (COE) in México. The competition was held in México City. The panel represented markets from Japan, South Korea, United States, Germany, Australia, Taiwan, China, New Zealand and México.


Revelator Coffee’s Emma Chevalier from the USA shared, “The coffees we had the opportunity to taste during the International Week of COE México 2018 were a treat.  Some are shining gems.  The regions, varieties, and processes that are represented in the auction showcase a spectrum of flavor that reflects the existing quality and potential of the coffee from México.  The world needs to know more about these coffees and I feel most of us are barely scratching the surface.”  Farmers from 7 states submitted 199 samples, which got narrowed down to 34 samples for international week from 6 states.  From those coffees, 28 have made it to the COE Auction, which will take place Wednesday, June 27.  ACE Head Judge, Eduardo Ambrocio describes the coffees “This Cup of Excellence was full of good surprises in México, new varieties participating among the traditional ones.  Natural processed coffees played an important role as well, one of them achieving the maximum prestige of first place.  Some coffees had notes of tropical fruits, red fruits, cherries, plum and red wine, dark fruits.  Others were in the aromatic side, like minty, floral, jasmine, perfumed and complex reminding me of certain lines of Geishas.   Some others were more like yellow fruits, stone fruits, molasses, juicy, sugary, like the traditional Bourbons and Caturras.  In a few words, Mexican coffees could be described as Diverse and Complex this 2018 COE.”


The COE International jury gave scores 90 and above to 4 top lots from the 4 Mexican states of Jalisco, Estado de México, Veracruz and Chiapas.  The top 2 coffees impressed the jury and puts a spotlight on Jalisco and Estado de México, regions not as well-known as Oaxaca, Chiapas and Veracruz for specialty coffee.  First time competitor Jose Renteria Larios ranked first-place with 90.70-point coffee from Finca Peña Blanca in Jalisco with a natural processed coffee with a blend of Sarchimor, Marsellesa and Caturra.  “Cup of Excellence is the most beautiful gift that can be given for the effort, dedication, perseverance and work to a coffee plantation full of love and passion that is reflected in aroma, profile and flavor in cup.” said Jose after winning the top prize.  The second-place winner, Federico Barrueta, received a score of 90.47 with Finca La Ilusión with washed Bourbon and Caturra.  Gabriel Bernard Rivas Ross ranked 3rd with Finca Cruz Verde from Veracruz with a score of 90.20 with a washed Pacamara.  Selestino Lopez Partos received 90.03 points for a washed Bourbon and Typica from Chiapas.


COE Senior Manager, Erin Wang, said “The diversity on the table impressed me.  The top coffees were all high quality and unique in their own distinct ways.  The profiles encountered were special enough to be different, but at the same time pleasant and crowd pleasing.  The coffees selected are great coffees to showcase to the world what México is doing.”


Upcoming 2018 auctions include: El Salvador (May 29) and Nicaragua (June 19) and México (June 27)

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