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Starbucks Is Discontinuing A Popular Blend — And Customers Are Steamed

Starbucks has confirmed a rumor that has been spreading faster than offers on its app.

The chain is discontinuing its Breakfast Blend coffee. Baristas at South Florida Starbucks outlets and nationwide have been quietly telling customers Breakfast Blend was soon to be discontinued for a month.

A representative from the corporate office in Seattle said the brand, which has been sold at Starbucks outlets and at grocery stores like Publix since 1998, will cease production in “the first part of June.”

Was it poor sales? The usual product mix shifting about? (We still miss the Ancho Chipotle Chicken panini that disappeared from stores last fall.)

The rep could offer no reason, suffice to that say she, too, had long enjoyed the mild brew with a flavor described as “more toasty than roasty” on the chain’s website.

“Nature of the business,” she surmised.

No word yet on what will replace Breakfast Blend, which was launched 20 years ago to satisfy customers who wanted a “less intense” coffee in the morning, but one with “a lot of character.”

Plenty of characters — i.e. customers — have fretted for months that their favorite brew was about to be history.

“This has been my coffee of choice for my business for years. I buy 2 bags a week, and grind it on Turkish. It is not acidic, bitter, or too strong, and I do not know what I’ll do instead! It’s the only blend from Starbucks that I like. I’ll be looking elsewhere, but am very upset about this,” read one post attributed to “Shelly” on the website.

“Mom in charge” took a swipe at competitor Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee on her post, but may soon have to go over to the other side.

“I too have heard this is being discontinued. … Huge mistake. This is the one blend my husband agrees to and I was able to switch him from that DD stuff because of it. Hoping I can find another he likes, or I may be forced to be brewing that other stuff in the morning.”

“I do not like Pikes or the House blend. Please tell me this is not true??” pleaded “MikeCA22.”

Sorry, Mike. It’s true.

By Howard Cohen, The Miami Herald


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