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Kendal Promotes Local Coffee To Boost Tourism Income

Authorities in the Central Java regency of Kendal are using online and offline exhibitions to promote locally produced coffee in the hope of getting more tourists to buy the beans.

Kendal Regent Mirna Anissa said to that the regency was a productive coffee grower. Kendal specializes in liberica coffee, a bean rarely found in other areas.

Liberica grows well in the higher areas of Kendal, such as Patean, Sukorejo and Plantungan. It has the aroma of jackfruit, explained Mirna, who has also instructed local administration heads in the regency to provide Kendal coffee at their offices.

If a guest comes to visit, brew the coffee and say that it is locally sourced in Kendal! she went on to say.

Mirna added that there were many home industries producing Kendal coffee. Kendal also produces exelsa, arabica and robusta coffee as well as civet coffee, which sells for millions per kilogram.

Local officials in Kendal always supported the regents programs, said Wahyu Yusuf, head of general affairs at the municipal office. He added that he always served Kendal coffee, along with mineral water. He believes the program is aimed at improving the welfare of the regency.

The regent is confident that Kendal coffee has the potential to become an attraction for both local and foreign travelers. Coffee shops are mushrooming across Kendal, and they serve local coffee, apart from beans sourced from outside the regency.

The coffee shop owners say many buyers order Kendal coffee at their shops, said Mirna.

Visitors are also invited to explore coffee plantations and learn about how the beans are processed. The regent also hinted at the possibility of combining coffee sessions with traditional art performances from Kendal.

Yoyok, who produces coffee at his home in Singorojo village, is grateful for the regents efforts to promote Kendal coffee. He is positive that the effort will raise optimism among small-scale coffee growers to stay productive.

When we become more known, were sure there will be demand. We hope everything goes well, said Yoyok, who confirmed that there were many small-scale coffee growers in Kendal. (mut)





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