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Peet’s Coffee Increases Loyalty Members By 350%

After Peet’s Coffee relaunched its Peetnik loyalty rewards program using the Paytronix platform, the coffee chain saw a 350 percent increase in just 6 months with its rewards members across its over 240 locations, according to a company press release.

Peet’s previous platform for its reward system was unreliable and would crash, leaving customers irritated and uninterested in the hassle, Lisa Regelman, director of loyalty at Peet’s Coffee, said in the release. After research, Peet’s Coffee chose Paytronix for its stability.

“We can see how frequently a customer comes in and what they like to buy, and target campaigns in a more one-to-one manner, based on their lifecycle stage and behavior,” Regelman said.

With the improved release of the Peetnik program, users are able to check in and pay in seconds. It also allows for Peet’s to track customer trends to properly market items like its launch of blended beverage lineup of Coconut Cold Brew Fog, Honey Black Tea Fog, Matcha Tea Fog and more, according to the release.





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