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Celebrating the Honey Harvest in Ixil

Farmers in the Honey Production Program are celebrating the year’s harvest coming to a close. This year they are preparing to export three containers of honey— an incredible 134,640 pounds.

Flower blooms in the mountains of the Ixil region of Guatemala have been very strong this year, contributing to a healthy harvest. The beekeepers are still experimenting and learning to overcome challenges such as inclement weather, but for now, we celebrate a successful harvest season!

Our Honey Production Program works to give coffee farmers and their families a strategy to stabilize their incomes, regardless of the volatile coffee market or lost coffee production due to environmental challenges. Farmers in the program learn proper hive building and maintenance techniques, as well as beekeeping skills. The honey is processed in Guatemala and exported to Germany for sale. We are looking into importing honey from CopiChajulense directly to the U.S. If you are interested, please send us an email.

Having alternative sources of income is essential for the livelihoods of coffee farming communities.

Source: The Coffee Trust

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