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As Coffee Prices Reach Historic Lows, Mayorga Provides Scholarships for Small Coffee Farmers to Attend Industry Forum


ROCKVILLE, Md.April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — US-based coffee roaster Mayorga Organics has partnered with web-based coffee publication Perfect Daily Grind to create the Mayorga Scholarship, which will provide 15 Guatemalan producers with free entry to the industry event Producer & Roaster Forum on May 23rd and 24th in Guatemala City, as well as paying for their food and accommodation for the duration of their stay.

The international green (unroasted) coffee price currently sits at less than USD 1.00/lb, which many farmers say is less than it costs to produce coffee. One 2018 survey calculated that it costs USD 1.40/lb to farm coffee in Guatemala. In 2017, when the international coffee price sat at USD 1.55/lb, a two-year Fairtrade and True Price pilot study of 465 Fairtrade smallholder farmers across 7 countries was published, showing that most farmers did not earn a household living wage.

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