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Seattle’s Favorite Original Coffee Roasters


There are plenty of places you can enjoy great Seattle original coffee—where the beans are sourced from sustainably run farms with fair trade practices and roasted right here in the city. Here are some of our favorites.

The blocks around Westlake Park can feel like a special type of hell as you navigate between tweakers begging for money and people from Marysville doing the Suburbanite Shuffle (walking from Old Navy to the Cheesecake Factory to Gameworks). But nearly hidden in a set back office tower is the coffee oasis that is Anchorhead. Everything is tasty here. The lattes are as good as anywhere in Seattle. The espresso is excellent, especially on the house’s Leviathan Blend. And at the center of Anchorhead’s bar sits the Poursteady, a $12,500 pour-over coffee robot that perfectly executes your next single origin, natural washed roast.

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