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Tim Hortons’ “Mom-Sized Coffee”: At Last, A Thoughtful Free Food Gimmick


The free food beat is a tough one sometimes. How does one balance one’s appreciation for a nice complimentary burrito with the knowledge that a giant corporation is exploiting that appreciation in exchange for loads of publicity and the side of chips and guac you’re obviously going to buy to go with said free burrito? We are not pawns except, now and then, when it comes to gratis snacks.

So when a promotion crosses our desks that doesn’t make us gnash our teeth and spin into a mini-cycle of self-loathing, that’s a good day. Enter Tim Hortons, which is giving away the best kind of free food—the no-strings-attached-kind—on Mother’s Day. Better still, it’s also kind of funny. The “Mom-sized” iced coffee is a 52-oz. behemoth, which, per a press release, “holds nearly enough coffee to fill one of our famous pots.”

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