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Boston’s Forgotten Coffee Jelly Lives On in Japanese Desserts


When historic Boston restaurant Durgin-Park closed on January 12, it took with it one of the last remnants of a dessert restaurant-goers likely don’t know to miss: coffee jelly.

At Durgin-Park, the restaurant best known for offering the stuff, coffee jelly was served as jiggling brown cubes—made of the previous day’s leftover coffee—topped with a mound of whipped cream.

“The chef [at Durgin-Park at the time] was a thrifty Yankee cook and hated it when the restaurant closed and there was still a pot of coffee that they hadn’t sold,” Michael Stern, author of Durgin-Park Cookbook: Classic Yankee Cooking in the Shadow of Faneuil Hall, told MUNCHIES. “Obviously, you can’t just serve yesterday’s coffee, so he made it into [gelatin].”

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