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Here’s How To Taste-Test Coffee Like A Certified Q Grader (Hint: Grab A Soup Spoon)


Canadians love their coffee. According to a study conducted by the Coffee Association of Canada in November 2018, coffee and tap water are the most commonly consumed beverages — 72 percent and 65 percent respectively — and the country consistently ranks among the top 20 coffee drinking nations in the world. With most Canadians drinking between two to three cups per day, you might start to wonder: what makes the coffee here so good?

“For many Canadians, coffee is a ritual that gives their morning meaning,” says Doug Rosencrans, vice president and general manager of 7-Eleven Canada, which is why the company has put extra emphasis on its coffee program. For 22 years, 7-Eleven Canada has worked with Canterbury Coffee to fine-tune their coffee blends.

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