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Craft coffee roasting companies have quietly proliferated in Sheridan in recent years, a trend that roasters hope will create a new culture surrounding coffee in Sheridan.

Matt Egging, who owns Manchester Street Coffee, is a self-taught roaster who hopes to use his company to pass along some of the knowledge he’s gathered.

Egging started roasting coffee after seeing a YouTube video where someone was roasting coffee with an air popcorn popper. He had the same popper and decided to emulate the video in his kitchen.

“It smoked the house up something fierce, set the fire alarms off,” Egging said. “I got kicked out — my wife said ‘You can’t do that in here ever again.’”

Despite the mess it made, Egging said the first batch of beans he roasted tasted better than any coffee he’d ever had. He was hooked.

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