The day JAVAMELTS were born!


How many of us have had an idea, something so smart, a better mousetrap, a better way to do something? WELL, I bet everyone can say “Yes” to this at least once in their life. Carolyn Barbarite, a mother of three daughters, has had MANY ideas over the years but never one quite like this. This is her story:

Carolyn is sitting down on Valentine’s Day morning in 2016 with her Husband and he asks her if she would like a “special cup of coffee” from a local café. It was a cold morning so she said No. As Carolyn’s husband was pouring her a cup of coffee she looked down at the cards and individually wrapped candy hearts he had left for her and their three girls and she had the AH HA Moment! She thought to herself, wouldn’t it be amazing if she could pick up the candies, open them up, drop them into her coffee, give it a stir and instantly it would turn her coffee into something special and delicious…… They wouldn’t have to go anywhere to get it, it would be right there and they could even take them wherever they went.

Carolyn could not walk away from this amazing idea because of the mass appeal and application – it was a true gamechanger. Carolyn’s passion was so strong and she knew that if she didn’t pursue this idea that one day she would see a product like hers and regret it to the day that she died. Carolyn and her husband Tony quickly got into making a list and one item after another got closer to being able to formulate, manufacture and distribute JAVAMELTS. In February of 2017, they launched JAVAMELTS on an ecommerce website and have not stopped since.

JAVAMELTS are individually wrapped flavored sweeteners made with Real Sugar for Coffee, Tea, Espresso and Cappuccino. They are made with 5/6g of Real Sugar, are non-dairy, only 20 calories each, certified gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, shelf stable for over a year and come in 4 delicious gourmet flavors: Hazelnut, Mocha, French Vanilla and Caramel. JAVAMELTS even taste amazing in oatmeal, yogurt and can be used to top your favorite dessert. JAVAMELTS are packaged so beautifully they even make a great gift for the coffee and tea lovers in our lives.

Everyone who has come in contact with JAVAMELTS is truly inspired and amazed at Carolyn’s story and her unrelenting passion and persistence to get the word out to grow the brand. Her family, friends and the business community have largely been a part of her success with their willingness to do whatever she needs to help her on this incredible journey. People have truly come out of the woodwork to ensure that she gets JAVAMELTS into the hands of the right people to take it all the way to the top and beyond.

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