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The Best Instant Coffees For Every Taste


We may never be able to prove it in a peer-reviewed study, but we believe all food tastes at least 10 percent better when consumed in the backcountry.

Except coffee. Campfire and cowboy coffee kind of suck. Many of us lug French presses or AeroPress coffee makers around into the woods just to avoid it. Sure, we may be fine packing out our own poop or going days without a shower, but forgoing good coffee? The horror.

The instant stuff is getting better. It’s been ten years since Starbucks introduced the world to Via, an instant coffee that, at the time, was so much better than anything else on the market. Because it was the first to hit the shelves, it became the go-to for a lot of us. But it’s no longer the best. A crop of small-batch competitors is bringing more single-origin and ethically sourced brews to the instant aisle, and many of them are really, really good.

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