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The Plot Thickens Between Caterpillar And Cat & Cloud


On May 23rd, we reported on a recent podcast published by Santa Cruz-based coffee roasting and cafe brand Cat & Cloud. In the episode, titled “Being Sued By Caterpillar Inc.“, co-founders Chris Baca and Charles Jack stated their company was being sued by the Peoria, Illinois-based construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar to “cancel their trademark.” Shortly after the podcast was released, a petition on was created titled “Tell Caterpillar Inc. to Stop Bullying Cat & Cloud and Other Small Businesses.” As of publication it is approaching 12,000 signatures.

Before reporting our coverage on May 23rd, we reached out to both Caterpillar Inc. and Cat & Cloud for comment. Both brands have since replied with statements, which we are publishing here in full today.

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