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Urban Trend Launches Simplified At home Cold Brew Coffee System

Urban Trend has a brand new cold brew coffee system they’re bringing to market. The California-based company is introducing the Barista Cold Brew coffee system, an updated brewer designed to simplify the cold brew process. Today, Urban Trend launched the Barista Cold Brew system on Kickstarter with the hopes of raising $25,000 in 30 days in order to bring their product directly into the homes of consumers.

Cold brew is a method, not a temperature. When adding hot-brewed coffee to ice, the beverage becomes diluted, creating a weaker and less flavorful Cup of Joe. Brewing with slow, cold exposure (instead of heat, which extracts the bitterness) gives drinkers a sweeter, richer tasting coffee. Cold brew makes a concentrate. Adding milk, cream and ice won’t water it down nor will it affect the strength of the coffee.

Because of its easy-to-use process, the Barista Cold Brew method tastes smoother, sweeter, and richer than hot brewing. Simply soak the coffee grounds and flip the switch to filter the coffee through the stainless steel filter, preventing coffee grounds from draining into the coffee concentrate. The concentrate collects into a convenient carafe with an easy-grip handle and stays fresh for up to two weeks in the fridge with its tight-fit lid. The Barista Cold Brew system’s precision spout is designed to pour without dripping, and the accurate measurement marks help users pour the right amount each time.

“The new kid on the block in the iced coffee community is cold brew coffee, and it’s stirring up a lot of commotion recently,” explained Managing Director, Rob Kushner. “People love this stronger, more flavorful version of iced coffee, and they want to be able to easily make it at home all summer long. My team and I felt there was a gap in the market for an affordable, well designed and compact home cold brew system, so Barista was born.”

The Barista Cold Brew system is made of BPA-free, FDA-approved parts that disassemble for easy storage and even easier cleanup. Consumers can store as much as 14 servings of homemade cold brew concentrate for up to two weeks in the fridge thanks to Barista’s tight-fit lid designed to keep odors out and fresh coffee aromas in.

The Barista Cold Brew system is currently available to pre-order on Kickstarter for just $35, which is 60% off the retail price. To learn more about the Barista Cold Brew system or to pre-order today, visit

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