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Biohazard Coffee is the Strongest Coffee in the World

World’s strongest coffee, Biohazard Coffee re-launches today with new website and introduces “The Doctor” character on social media.

A Single Cup Contains About Four Times the Caffeine As An Average Cup

First launched in 2016, today Biohazard Coffee announces new packaging and a fresh website look. Gone are the days of having multiple cups of coffee to stay active and awake throughout the day. Biohazard Coffee is the world’s strongest at 928 mg per 12 oz. cup of coffee.

The rebranding of Biohazard Coffee features new product bags found on In addition, the social media launch features the introduction of “The Doctor”. This character wears a gas mask and orange hazmat suit to signify this coffee strength is not for the faint of heart. He supports those ready to stay active and alert all day long without the “jitters”.

Yonatan Pinhasov, Co-Founder &CEO adds his take: “We wanted a good jolt of energy for our long days without having to sacrifice the taste. After countless hours of drinking horrible tasting coffee that promised high energy levels, we decided to take it into our own hands. We thought about all the other people like us – self-starters, parents with long days, grad students, the 18 hour day people…how could we make this better for everyone?”

What’s more? Flavor is not sacrificed. The team behind Biohazard Coffee spent months testing different types of beans and ultimately decided on robusta dark roast coffee beans. With the rebrand, Biohazard Coffee will now present ways to bring strong, flavorful coffee to individuals looking for value and all-day energy.

The coffee brand is being made available for $19.99 for a 16-ounce bag.

Disclaimer: Biohazard Coffee contains the highest level of recommended daily caffeine intake (4 times a traditional cup of coffee). We recommend you use our coffee after building up a high tolerance and proceed with caution – this coffee is not for the faint hearted.



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