Brewista® Does It Again, Again! Another Award At Denver Coffee Fest

Cold Pro 2™ awarded 2nd place “Best New Product” in the Non-Consumable category


DENVER, CO. (June 11, 2018) – Brewista’s Cold Pro 2™ garnered a second place finish for Best New Product in the non-consumables category at Coffee Fest. The award comes just three months after winning first place for the Ratio Scale in Baltimore and eight months after their win for the Cold Pro Nitro™ at the Portland Coffee Fest.


The Cold Pro 2™ is Brewista’s latest offering in their Cold Pro commercial cold brew lineup that started with the original system back in 2016. Ironically the original Cold Pro™ was also awarded a second place finish at the New York Coffee Fest in 2016.


Capitalizing on the ease of use provided by the patented lift, twist and drain feature from the original system, several improvements were made on the Cold Pro 2™, all courtesy of a completely redesigned brewing vessel.


“We were probably the single largest purchaser of 10 gallon Rubbermaid® Brute™ buckets for a couple of years,” said Brewista brand manager Christian Krause. “We designed the original Cold Pro system to work with those because they are NSF approved, have a large capacity, and most roasters we know already use them. Last year Rubbermaid informed us that they were retiring the tool and redesigning the bucket, so if we wanted more, we’d need to purchase 50,000 of them. That’s when we decided to make our own bucket.”


Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Cold Pro 2™ eliminates the need for an adaptor ring by integrating the supports right into the brew vessel. The translucent BPA free HDPE material allows you to see the level of cold brew at any angle. A tapered bottom ensures that every last bit of cold brew drains through the spigot while the retaining well below the spigot makes sure no grounds make it into the cold brew you’re serving.


Still NSF certified, the Cold Pro 2™ includes samples of Brewista’s Cold Pro paper filters, their PLA filters and reusable outlet filters.


Currently available online at


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Brewista® Does It Again, Again! Another Award At Denver Coffee Fest
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