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New Coffee House The Toast Of Downtown

The place is just meant to be a coffee shop, apparently.

What was for years Dunn Bros. Coffee at 717 Omaha St. is once again a dispensary of fine brewed beverages, with the opening last week of Revel Coffee House.

Manager Hailey Falzerano said the owners of Great Harvest Bakery, right next door, and Dixon Coffee, with a drive-up kiosk about a block or so west in the Knecht’s Home Center parking lot, teamed up to open Revel Coffee House after Dunn Bros. moved to the Landstrom Building in The Gap last year.

“Lots of food experience and coffee experience coming together to make a unique, cool place,” Falzerano said of Revel.

After a period of remodeling, Revel opened on June 12, featuring coffee obtained through Washington-based Grounds for Change, beans grown through sustainable, organic practices.

Falzerano said their espresso beverages are based on a single-origin Guatemalan coffee, meaning it comes from a specific region of the Central American country. Many espresso coffees are blends of beans from a variety of origins, she said.

Their espresso also differs in being a light roast, as opposed to a medium or dark roast in other brews. Another feature of Revel is use of highly concentrated espresso for their cold brew beverages. “So it’s nice and chocolaty,” she said.

Revel appeals to vegan tastes with the use of rice milk or oat milk and maple syrup in place of honey. Also proving popular along with teas and coffees are their blueberry lemonade and Lone Pine Kombucha, a lightly fizzy fermented tea made in downtown Rapid City.

They incorporate other local or regional products in their menu including ice cream from Leones’ Creamery in Spearfish and sprouts from a source in Wyoming. To go with the coffee, Revel offers a wide variety of food items, including specialty toast made from different breads and with an eclectic variety of toppings.

Falzerano began working as a barista while a student in Spearfish eight years ago to “fuel my addiction” to coffee, she said. “I loved it and stuck with it.”

Their hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday.


Jim Holland Journal staff


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