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Act With Me: Hugh Jackman helps coffee farmers thrive


Inspired by Paul Newman and his Newman’s Own business, Hugh Jackman was looking to create a “social business” and use his fame to further the common good. While working with another charity, World Vision, Jackman visited Ethiopia to learn the ins and outs of fair-trade coffee. He worked in the fields with a farmer named Dukale for a day, which opened his eyes to the back-breaking work and challenging lives of coffee farmers. This experience led Jackman to combine his passion for coffee culture with entrepreneurship. “Our basic tenet is one of a hand up, rather than a handout,” he says.

Jackman personally gives back 100% of his profits from the sale of Laughing Man Coffee to the foundation, bolstered by other profits as well. The profits go to a co-op of coffee farmers in Huila, Colombia. The co-op, not the foundation, determines how they allocate the funds, but Jackman specifies they stressed wanting everything from education to health to infrastructure to be covered.

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