FilterWorks Announces Customizable Filtration Options For Cold Brew Coffee.


FilterWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce customizable filtration options for the Cold Brew Coffee Industry. For the past several years, FilterWorks has been working with customers around the world to develop new and innovative ways to filter large batches of Cold Brew Coffee. Our customers brew and filter between 50 and 10,000 gallons of ready to drink coffee or Cold Brew concentrate per batch.
FilterWorks is now expanding to work with customers to retrofit their existing brewing equipment with advanced and easy to use filtration equipment. FilterWorks is able to modify brewing vessels of any size or add additional features to existing brewing equipment.
Using a combination of food grade stainless steel filters and consumable filters, customers are able to filter their coffee to any micron level they desire. FilterWorks worked tirelessly with engineers and filtration experts worldwide to produce equipment capable of removing the large and complex particles associated with Cold Brew Coffee.
FilterWorks has developed a line of filtration equipped specifically for Cold Brew Coffee. Many other companies borrow technology from the beer and wine industries in an attempt to crossover to coffee. Cold brewers have found that this is either ineffective for coffee filtration, or it can over filter the coffee, removing some of the positive flavor notes that make your cold brew the cold brew your customers expect.
For more information, please visit FilterWorks online at, or call 1.800.714.4892.

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