Ska Fabricating Releases the “ZFR” Zero Footprint Rinser

Ska Fabricating is thrilled to introduce the Zero Footprint Rinser (ZFR)! The ZFR – pronounced ‘Zephyr’ – makes it possible to run a smaller footprint canning line than ever before. This pre-fill can rinser is an easy add-on to your depal or conveyance system, and was designed with the specific goal of saving space in smaller production spaces without sacrificing the power of a full canning line.

The ZFR is configured with one 90˚ section, allowing cans to reverse direction prior to rinsing. It can be mounted straight or at a 90˚ angle, giving customers the opportunity to choose what best fits their needs and space. The rinser is made of stainless steel and is recommended for line speeds up to 120 cans per minute. It can be mounted to all standard canning lines and is available in multiple can sizes.

The product design was driven by customer feedback, especially from those with limited production space, and Ska Fabricating’s commitment to pioneering solutions for packaging line automation. It is available for order now and shipping in late summer. For more information, visit

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