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Reno Coffee Shop Runs Into Snag Selling CBD Chocolates


CBD oil in food and drink, continues to grow as a trend. One business in Reno was selling products with the oil added. But it has hit a snag. Pianissimo Coffee And More coffee shop is located in South Reno.

The owners put more than $100,000 into remodeling. That includes the kitchen, so they can make CBD chocolate. But because of what they say is a federal ruling, it’s had to take the chocolate off their menu and change how they do business.

As Cheryl Appel made her latest batch of chocolate, there is one thing missing. “There is no CBD in it,” said Pianissimo Coffee and More co-owner Appel.

Teaming with her business partners, they bought the shop’s location for its commercial kitchen and turned it into Pianissimo Coffee And More coffee shop.

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