Versalab Reveals The New M4 Grinder






The first single dose/no grounds retention espresso grinder came on the market in 2005 – the Versalab M3. It has been highly rated around the world in coffee shops and in homes for flavor and consistency.

The advantage of the design lay in the delivery of fresh fluffy grounds for every shot. No partially ground beans going stale in the burrs between shots. No grounds going stale in the grind chamber. Slow 500 rpm grind speed, with a combination conical/flat burr set that treats the beans gently. The result is absolutely fresh non-oily grounds in the portafilter.

Throughout the past 14 years Versalab has continually upgraded the accuracy, build quality, and performance of the M3 as the marketplace has evolved. The latest improvements in the M3 now culminates in the Versalab M4. While it looks almost identical to the original machine, every aspect has been optimized including factory fixed burr alignment.

The latest improvements in the Versalab M4 incorporates new smart speed regulating drive electronics and a dual belt system that elegantly allows the grinder to grind the lightest roasts available without fuss. SSP high quality, extremely long lasting burrs come standard.

In the coffee shop, with either a single or double dosing hoppers, the Versalab M4 provides customers with superior flavor. And baristas with a reliable machine well able to keep up with the needs of fast moving service – particularly if the optional PRESS is utilized to minimize tamping time.

Versalab is a 25 year old boutique manufacturer of extraordinary products for a variety of markets.  The market mix follows the decades of the wide-ranging interests of the principals John Bicht and Laura Dearborn.
The purpose of the company is to develop robust classy extreme-performance products, always following the same rigorous “start from basic principles” approach.
Each unit is lovingly assembled in our small facility now located in the scenic town of Placitas New Mexico just north of Albuquerque.
For over a quarter of a century Versalab has paid great personal care to every customer.

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