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Science Of Coffee Roasting; How Roast Impacts Taste


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) –Have you ever wanted to learn more about coffee? Contrast Coffee is holding free classes at each of their locations once a month from May to August, focusing on different aspects of making coffee. The focus of Wednesday’s class in Marquette was the science of roasting.

Coffee beans begin as seeds in the cherry of a coffee plant. These plants are cultivated around the world, mostly in South America and Africa.

“A lot of the variance has to do with where they’re at, whether it’s volcanic soil,” said Contrast Coffee owner and head roaster, Adam Holroyd. “Altitude plays a huge part in coffee, so the higher altitude coffees are more dense, they contain more flavor.”

After coffee companies buy the beans, they will roast them.

“At the bottom line, roasting coffee beans is all about time over temperature, so how long do we take to get to a specific temperature,” said Holroyd.

There are many different ways to roast. A shorter roast will result in a lighter coffee, that’s dryer and has its original flavor.

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