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Growing The Coffee Business


If you’re looking for the Cherry River Roasting Company, all you have to do is use your nose.

A nostalgic sort of smell — slightly earthy, with hints of nuttiness and subtle sweetness — fills the air surrounding the Richwood Scientific building, where the coffee company operates.

Thanks to their business partner Chuck Toussieng, who’s the founder of Richwood Scientific, Jake and Nikki Tyler have begun realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Jake first worked for the White Hart Cafe and Roasting Company in Lynchburg, Va. He took his experience there a step further, experimenting at home — roasting green coffee beans with an old air popcorn popper.

In Tioga with his wife Nikki, Jake began selling his roasts to his family. The coffee became so popular, the couple invested in a higher quality coffee bean roaster.

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