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Would you pay $16 for a cup of coffee?


Bosnian-born immigrant Sasa Sestic, founder of Canberra’s cult coffee house, ONA, has just opened in Marrickville and wants you to think of coffee like wine.

If you need proof that Marrickville is Sydney’s latest foodie hub, ONA  is surely it. The ACT bespoke sustainable coffee roaster launched its first Sydney café in the hot spot last month, and coffee nerds have been rejoicing ever since.

ONA Coffee was founded in 2008 by Sasa Sestic, a Bosnian-born immigrant who moved to Australia to play professional European Handball. After playing for Australia in the Olympic Games in 2000, Sasa studied hospitality, eventually opening KONA – soon changed to ONA – with his wife Beti and brother Dragan. Their mission is an ambitious one: they want to create the best and most sustainable coffee in the world.

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