Xeltron’s Camera Sorter Machine: High Volume Small Footprint Excellent Sort

Renowned in the coffee business since 1974, Xeltron offers the latest in Camera Sorting Machines.

The XV Model share the main qualities of our traditional sorters: Ease of Operation for minimal technical training, Robustness to operate in hostile environments and High-Quality Sort; adding Small Footprint to the equation.

The XV comes in different sizes, sorting from 2 to 15 ton/hour, addressing the needs of the small, medium and large producers.

It is the BEST price/volume/footprint ratio option in the market, achieving a cleaner accepted grain and a rejection with less good grain in a single pass.

Each tray can be programmed individually, allowing for different sorts to be made simultaneously. Use one tray for reprocessing, sort a different lot or just turn it off in case of failure or low production, without affecting your deliveries.

Xeltron was born in coffee, let us help you achieve your goals.
Every grain counts.

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