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Researchers discover that Coffee Leaf Tea has the potential to mitigate high blood pressure and …


Researchers from the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Land and Food Systems have discovered that Coffee Leaf Tea, a beverage made from infusing processed coffee leaves, has the potential to mitigate biochemical mediators that influence blood pressure and inflammation.

Coffee Leaf Tea extracts derived from coffee leaves processed similarly to tea, were found to have an effect on nitric oxide production and anti-inflammatory agents. The bioactivities of coffee leaf were mainly attributed to a complex mixture of phytochemicals unique to the coffee leaf.

“Our research showed that using processing methods commonly used for tea, for coffee leaves, produced unique antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities that we associated with known mixtures of phytochemicals specific to the coffee leaf. Both immune-stimulation and immune-suppression capacities observed were affected by the tea processing method used for the coffee leaf beverage.” – Dr. David Kitts, Assc. Dean UBC Food Sciences.

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