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Is A $235 Iced Coffee Worth It? We Drank One To Find Out


Listen, it’s summer for coffee snobs, too. So, as much as they’d like to delight in the nuance of their piping-hot, organic, single-origin, fair-trade, shade-grown, pour-over coffee, they need a respite from the heat like the rest of us. But they can’t just enjoy a bodega iced coffee or a Dunkin’ Coolatta. No, coffee snobs still need the best.

Elemental Beverage Company tells me they have the aficionados among us covered. The Massachusetts-based company has developed a cooling technology it calls Snapchill that brings down the temperature of hot coffee quickly in order to preserve more of the flavor notes in the brew. Then they package it up in an airtight can or bottle and ship it to your door.

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