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This 2-Ingredient Coffee Tonic Will Keep You Sipping All Summer


When I think of coffee in the summer, I think of iced coffee melting in my cup as I race against time to gulp it down before it gets too warm. Iced coffee tastes wonderful — milky coffee at room temperature, less so.

I recently found another, better way of consuming iced coffee when I had a caffeine awakening in Mexico City. There, I was introduced to an espresso tónico, an espresso shot mixed with bubbly sweet tonic water. It was the only caffeinated beverage I could stand to drink in the sweaty heat under the sun. No added sugar was needed — the citrusy quinine in the tonic water was sweet enough without it. The tonic water could even fool me into thinking I was hydrating myself, and even after the ice of my coffee tonic melted, the carbonated and caffeinated drink still tasted refreshing.

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