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Using Benchtop NMR To Detect Adulteration Of Arabica Coffee With Robusta


A leading provider of strategic and applied research services is QIB Extra Ltd, which also provides this type of coffee analysis to companies in sectors such as food, diet, and health. What’s more, with the arrival of benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis, there has been a revolutionary transformation in how QIB Extra approaches this task.

Historically, NMR was far too expensive for this type of routine analysis. However, the creation of Oxford Instrument’s Pulsar solution has changed the landscape.

For the purpose of authenticating coffee using Pulsar, 10g of ground roast coffee are stirred with 30 ml chloroform for 5 minutes. This mix is then filtered and dried in a vortex evaporator for 30 minutes. The next step involves re-dissolving the dried extract in 800 µl of deuterated chloroform, which is then filtered directly into standard 5 mm NMR tubes.

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