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Amora Announces Exclusive New Amora Cold Brew to Expand …


Amora, a subscription-based company delivering premium coffee and tea directly to consumers across the United States for over six years, today announced the exclusive addition of Amora Cold Brew to the brand’s high-quality lineup.

Since 2011, Amora has identified a need for consumers to have hassle-free access to quality products for the over 80 percent of Americans who are coffee-drinkers. Subscribers are treated to the highest-grade coffee, freshly roasted to their preferences, without having to worry about waiting in long lines or how long beans sat in a store roomNow for the first time, current subscribers can cool off and beat the heat of summer by adding orders of Amora Cold Brew to their existing accounts. New subscribers can also take advantage of Amora’s exclusive new product by choosing Cold Brew as a free premium add-on for their intro offer.

“At Amora, we understand that our customers have a very wide range of taste-preference ranging from lighter to darker roasts, single origin coffees, flavored coffees and even varying teas,” said Jim Fosina, co-founder of Amora. “So, of course, we’re introducing Cold Brew Coffee to add to our subscribers’ love of Amora.”

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