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Cold brew aficionados brew up new festival


Beaucoup brewfests, but no java galas.

That seemed like a missed opportunity to Seidy Selivanow, who moved to Vancouver a few years ago and got into the coffee business. She and her husband launched a company called Kafiex Roasters, supplying beans to local restaurants and cafes, and lately they’re excited — and pretty stressed, she admitted — about the upcoming opening of their own cafe on the west side of Esther Short Park.

Drinking coffee is about as universal as it gets, Selivanow noted, and yet the widespread toast of everyone’s taste buds appears to be beer. Weekend after weekend, beer fandom is what inspires craft brewers, local taprooms and happy drinkers to swarm brew festivals all over the region.

Now, they’ll make room for a cool new beverage. “I noticed that coffee competitions are the opposite of brewery competitions,” Selivanow said. Brewery competitions tend to be public parties, she said, while coffee competitions are “not open to the public. They’re judged by industry professionals.”

“That didn’t make sense to me,” she said. “The public is who’s drinking the coffee.”

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