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14 Ways You’re Using Your Coffee Machine Wrong


On mornings when you can barely pop open your eyes, you can know that your morning joe will be waiting for you. But could your right-hand appliance be making you a better cuppa? It seems the answer is yes, according to experts.

Coffee grinders come in two styles: burr and blade. Blade grinders work like mini food processors: its blade whacks the beans over and over until they’re chopped finely. “Usually the user has to time the grind, shake the grinder periodically to distribute the beans, and visually inspect the coffee to see if it’s reached the desired consistency,” says Lauren Savoie, senior editor with America’s Test Kitchen. Burr grinders, by contrast, do all of the work for you and have less chance for user error. “A burr grinder is like a pepper mill; it has two sets of gear-like pieces called burrs that spin against each other to grind the coffee. You put whole beans in the top, select your desired grind size, turn the machine on, and perfectly ground beans come out the bottom,” Savoie says. “If your goal is a consistent cup of coffee, you absolutely want a burr grinder,” Savoie says. While you’re sipping on a superior cup of coffee, read these 8 important coffee questions and myths.

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