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This Kenyan Female Founder Wants To Radically Change The Coffee …


In 2009, Vava Angwenyi returned to her native Kenya, after completing her studies in Canada and Europe, with the ambition of changing the African coffee industry to include more Africans like herself. Nearly a decade in, she’s finally figuring how to make a dent in the chaotic world of coffee trading, which, she argues, has for too long been dominated by foreigners.

“After I came home, I was amazed that nothing had been done to boost the awareness, locally, here of the Kenyan farmer and Kenyan coffee, which is revered abroad,” she says.

Hence, she started Vava Coffee, a Nairobi-based enterprise focused on educating Kenyan farmers, getting more women into the coffee industry, and engaging the youth of East Africa to get them excited about one of their most prized agricultural products — coffee.

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