CoffeeWorks, Inc. Offers Financing and Customization Options for Their Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Systems

CoffeeWorks, Inc. has announced new, expedited financing to assist customers with the purchase of their large batch cold coffee and tea brewing equipment. The Company has also announced new features for allowing customers to customize the manufacturing of their equipment.

Cold coffee and tea brewers can now customize the brew system of their choice with financing available for US based purchasers.  With the purchasing options available, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to scale up to a commercial cold brew system with CoffeeWorks, Inc. custom built equipment, which provides users with the technology to reduce the time and amount of coffee used in the brewing process.

CoffeeWorks has been working hard to better meet the needs of our customers in the United States and abroad. Through our build customization option, we create, with you, the best cold brew system for your company.

One of the challenges facing small to medium sized roasters has been quickly obtaining affordable financing to allow for scaling up of their cold brew operations. With the use our new financing options (provided by TimePayment), customers can generate revenue as they pay.

“As our systems generally use less coffee and time with increased yields, the customers receive the full benefits immediately.”  John McClafferty, CoffeeWorks, Inc. President.

About CoffeeWorks, Inc.

CoffeeWorks, Inc. is a leader in producing large batch coffee and tea equipment. For more information, please visit:

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