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The Coffee Creamer You’ve Been Dreaming of Has Arrived

In a saturated coffee market, it can be hard to find a truly new product, but JoeFroyo’s new lactose-free Clean Label Creamer™ provides benefits that no other creamer on the market does. With a focus on simple, clean components, Clean Label Creamer™ features just three ingredients – probiotics, milk and cream – standing in stark contrast to many creamers with eight or more ingredients. JoeFroyo’s new creamer aims to do more with less, packed with six live and active probiotic cultures and twice the amount of protein as most creamer products. It is also crafted to highlight the natural tasting notes in any coffee.

JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ will debut at Coffee Fest in Los Angeles (Booth #2147), co-located with the Western Food Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, August 19–21. The JoeFroyo team will be offering samples of the product and will be available for conversations and interviews during and outside of the show.

“We are excited to be expanding the JoeFroyo product family with our Clean Label Creamer™,” says JoeFroyo founder and president, Zach Miller. “The idea for this creamer came from our Functional Cold Brew™ product, which delivers caffeine, probiotics and protein by combining high-quality cold brew coffee with lactose-free cultured milk. We wanted to bring this same powerhouse combination to your morning cup of coffee.”

Though JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ is made with high-quality Real California Milk® and cream, it is lactose-free – with probiotics and lactase converting the lactose into simpler, easy-to-digest carbohydrates. This process also adds a natural sweetness without any added sugars.

In keeping with the “clean” philosophy, JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ doesn’t feature any soy or gluten, and it is protected using cold pressure technology, which allows it to be produced without any preservatives. It also specially formulated to add the right amount of body and dairy mellowness to your coffee, without affecting the natural flavor characteristics.

Says Miller, “We’re big coffee lovers – obviously – and we wanted to create a creamer that would add functional benefits without overwhelming the delicate flavors and natural tasting notes of whatever brew you choose. We believe when you’re drinking coffee, you should taste coffee. This is a creamer that lets your coffee shine.”

JoeFroyo will be taking orders for their Clean Label Creamer™ as well as their Functional Cold Brew™ at Coffee Fest. The Clean Label Creamer™ is the first of a planned series of creamer products, featuring different functional benefits and delectable flavors to provide enlightened options for lightening your coffee.


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