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‘Coffeepreneuer’ Describes His Journey Inside the Coffee …


Unless someone works in the coffee industry, they probably aren’t thinking about the amount of work that goes into making their daily grande iced caramel macchiato.


“A lot of people just think, ‘oh it’s coffee, it shouldn’t be that expensive,’ and they don’t understand why it’s that expensive,” said Anthony Harding, a coffee world traveler, roaster and importer.


Harding and his family moved to Centralia in 1978, where he attended Centralia High School. He studied business at Centralia College from 2010 to 2013 and also at the Evergreen State College. He currently resides in Centralia.


Harding recently published his first book “Tales of a Traveling Coffeepreneuer: a Journey to Find the World’s Best Coffee.” In it he describes the struggles of starting his own company, his travels to find the world’s best coffee, awareness of animal rights and 45 different methods and recipes.

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