Riff Wins Cold Brew Fest’s “Best Nitro”


VANCOUVER, WA— In its fifth month of operations, Bend, Oregon’s Riff Cold Brewed Coffee took advantage of its first opportunity to compete in a cold-brewed coffee festival and went home carrying a pretty spiffy souvenir.

The world’s largest cold-brewed coffee festival, Cold Brew Fest, was held Saturday, August 4th, at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, Washington. Riff’s “Off The Cuff,” Artisanal Black Coffee with Notes of Dark Chocolate and Toffee, was selected by industry experts to receive the “Best Nitro” Award. Judges included Zach Perkins, Joey Yang and Jen Hurd.

“Off The Cuff was incredibly smooth and delicious while highlighting the rich favors I expect to get from a great coffee,” said Zach Perkins, Cold Brew Fest Judge. “The texture was perfect— my go-to for cold brews is typically “still,” but Riff might have me converted!”

Cold Brew Fest is the first cold-brewed coffee festival of its size to invite the general public to visit with the various exhibitors and enjoy sampling their nearly 30 combined offerings— much like the popular craft beer festival format. In addition to Riff, exhibitors included Dillanos Coffee, Elevator Café & Commons, Kafiex Roasters, Groundwork Coffee, RISE Brewing and Water Avenue Coffee.

“With the depth of cold brew experience behind Riff, we were excited they decided to join us,” said Seidy Rose, Cold Brew Fest Founder. “We see a very bright future on their horizon!” “For a first-time festival, we were incredibly impressed by the creativity, vision and level of organization. The quality of the competition out there was impressive as well,” said Nate Armbrust, Co-Founder and Director of Brewing and Innovation at Riff. “It was one of the better festivals I’ve been a part of. We’re looking forward to watching this festival grow and being a big part of it along the way.”
Other awards handed out at the festival were given to Dillanos Coffee for “Industry’s Choice: Still Cold Brew” and “People’s Choice: Nitro Cold Brew,” and Kafiex Roasters for “People’s Choice: Still Cold Brew.”

ABOUT RIFF COLD BREWED COFFEE: Riff is Paul Evers, co-founder of Crux Fermentation Project; Nate Armbrust, former head of product development and cold brew operations at Stumptown; Steve Barham, former senior director at LinkedIn; and Bobby Evers and Kevin Smyth, both with deep experience in craft beer branding and operations. And Riff is so much more— an enthusiastic and diverse tribe of investors, employees, partners, and you.

When we riff on an idea, we start with a question: What if? What if we brewed coffee cold, for a sweeter, smoother flavor? What if we poured it on tap? Into a glass, not a mug? What if we met for coffee in the evening? With friends, and maybe—gasp—without wifi? What if it weren’t sacrilegious to drink our coffee decaffeinated, spiced, fruited, or even barrel fermented with wild yeast? Now we’re talking. Let’s Riff! For more information, visit or call 458-206-0825.

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