Cold Brew Coffee Crafted With Rich Cacao

~Functionally Indulgent Beverage Boosts Energy From Bean To Bottle~


San Diego, CA – Flavor, functionality, transparency, and sourcing are key focal points to the new generation of purchasing power. This millenial mocha delivers on indulgent taste, unbeatable function and sustainable sourcing. Rau combines it’s unique cacao blend with coffee brewed cold over 18 hours.  The result is a smooth and silky beverage packed with epic nutrition to fuel those long days. The superfood power of cacao combined with the caffeine kick of cold brew… does it get any better?


“Where an ingredient comes from is as important as what it does for our body,” says co-founder Daren Myers. “We are proud to be part of the generation that demands both clean, functional ingredients and ethical, sustainable sourcing.”


Rau Chocolate’s bean to bottle process starts with cold-pressed cacao beans infused with pure organic ingredients. Next, cold-pressure technology is used to retain cacao’s superfood properties and great taste. Rau’s Cold Brew Mocha uses small batches of organic coffee cold-brewed over 18 hours. This functional mocha is packed with caffeine, healthy fats, phytonutrients and antioxidants that offer up mental clarity, mood-boosting support and sustained energy. Rau Chocolate’s Cold Brew Mocha is dairy free, gluten free, vegan friendly, organic and certified fair-trade.


About: As college roommates, Daren and Brian crafted flavorful drinks from organic cacao infused with clean ingredients and Rau Chocolate was born. These beverages not only tasted delicious, but also gave them the boost to revitalize and feel great all day long. Soon the word got out and Rau Chocolate was in high demand from neighbors and co-workers. To keep up with the growing requests, their San Diego beach apartment transformed into a chocolate wonderland and the duo became the makers of the first organic cold-pressured drinking chocolate that’s full of life and true integrity. Join the RAUvolution and treat your taste buds to pure happiness.

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